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Best Protection

IOKEN Antivirus 5.93

Best Protection Against Infections

(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the highest protection.)

Best Performance

IOKEN Antivirus 5.81

Lowest Impact on Performance

(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the lowest impact)

The best cyber security in the world

IOKEN Antivirus 5.75

AV-Test Score rating: 5.75/6 We're not bragging,just quoting what our experts say about us.

Ioken Antivirus

Security is Priority


Security is Priority

IOKEN helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk.We offer you the best malware protection in the world and ensure your privacy.

Use of Artificial Intelligence for enhanced security:

  • IOKEN Antivirus uses AI technology in a novel way for Realtime Scanning of your system to provide you next step security.
  • It provides an Intelligent way of analyzing the data in addition to the traditional method of checking the list of different malwares.
  • It continuously keeps a tab on the functioning of different files along with its behavior of accessing different drivers and folders.
  • It will proactively eliminate such files thus saving the system from any potential threat or damage thereof.

Choose the protection that is right for you

IOKEN Advanced Protection

Antivirus Pro
MRP: Rs. 950/-
(incl. of all taxes)
Selling Price: Rs. 650/-
Discount : 32%
Antivirus Pro
A full-proof antivirus for home buyers with enhanced security due to use of Artificial Intelligence.
1 PC / 1 Year
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Antivirus Z+
MRP: Rs. 1950/-
(incl. of all taxes)
Selling Price: Rs. 900/-
Discount : 54%
Antivirus Z+
Provides military grade security for protection from any type of malware threat.
Digitally Delivered Product
1 PC / 1 Year
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Antivirus Premium
MRP: Rs. 1350/-
(incl. of all taxes)
Selling Price: Rs. 750/-
Discount : 44%
Antivirus Premium
Offers ironclad antivirus protection from any threat without slowing down your devices.
1 PC / 1 Year
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About Us

Digital Care is a division of Pitambari Products Pvt Ltd, India.

It’s almost 30 years we came into being with a strong commitment towards attaining 100% customer satisfaction, Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd embarked on its business journey in 1989. The company came into fruition when Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai & his father Late Mr. Vamanrao Prabhudesai turned their vision into reality.

Digital Care has been an integral part in the growth of the company since last 14 years.

We specialize in IT Security Solutions, CRM Solutions, Business Intelligence, Customized Application Development, and Business Solutions. Our customer footprint spans across various verticals like Retail, Supply Chain and Automation.

Our solutions help organizations to have a better control over their Marketing Activities, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Tracking, Better Predictability & Business Forecasting.

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